BodyTalk is an amazing form of energy medicine based on the fact the body knows how to heal itself - when we cut ourself we don’t have to think of all the steps the body has to go through to heal the cut, it naturally happens. We apply this concept to the greater body in helping all areas of the body heal. A person’s body knows the exact areas which require attention/healing in order to return to better health and wellness - the problem is most of us are used to pushing past the pain, ignoring it, or medicating it. The word pain is actually an acronym for Pay Attention Inward Now. Our body’s are constantly scanning the body and sending us messages of where illness, disease, or dysfunction are occurring.

The role of a BodyTalk practitioner is to tune into a person’s body and help identify the priority areas for healing - basically the areas of the body that when returned to health and wellness will have the biggest impact on the rest of the body. So if a person comes in with a sore knee the practitioner may not address the knee first, especially if the heart requires attention and may result in a heart attack. It would make no sense to fix the knee if the person dies of a heart attack the following week. The body can be really tricky and tends to hide our real issues by creating pain in a different area of the body so it can’t be found.

This balancing process of BodyTalk leads to deep and lasting healing on a physical, chemical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

BodyTalk provides a non-medical approach for the following common symptoms:

Stress, Weight Loss, Cancer, Fertility,

Depression, Smoking, Allergies, Mom and Baby

Sleep Fears/Phobias, Viruses, Relationship Transition,

Back/Body Pain, Digestive Disorders,  Infection, Manifesting,

ADHD, Reproductive Disorders, Injuries,

Migraines, Organ Dysfunction, Chronic Fatigue,

Headaches, Endocrine Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia,

Arthritis, Emotional Disorders, Dyslexia 

During a BodyTalk session, the practitioner identifies a number of different areas of the body to “repair” creating a unique formula for that particular person. Then the formula is tapped out by tapping over a person’s head (the communication centre of the body), the heart (the distribution centre of the body), and the abdomen (the gut brain of the body). The body is then able to make the appropriate changes to return to a state of health and wellness.