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Why choose a Sunless Tan?

Sunless tans continue to be popular, especially with people who naturally have light colored skin. A rich, bronze-colored tan can not only be cosmetically flattering, it can evoke a sun-filled vacation spent at the beach. But given the fact that exposure to the tanning rays of the sun is accompanied by skin damage and an increased risk of skin cancer, these days many people are opting for "sunless" tans.

How does it work?

DHA and Erythrulose (the two main ingredients that will produce your “tan”) react with your amino acids in the protein (keratin) in your skins surface. Erythrulose is derived from red raspberries while DHA is derived from plant sources such as sugar beets or sugar cane. DHA and Erythrulose are not absorbed through the skin into the body and have no known toxicity. Amino acids react to DHA/Erythrulose similarly to the browning effect when a cut apple slice is exposed to oxygen. It is not a stain or dye but rather a reaction that produces a color change on all treated skin. The resulting pigments are called melanoidins. These are similar in color to melanin, the natural substance in the deeper skin layers which brown or “tan” with exposure to UV rays. DHA has a faster processing time while Eurythrulose takes longer to process and therefore lasts longer. This is how you can achieve a tan that lasts a full 7-10 days. When DHA and Erythrulose are combined the resulting Sunless tan will last longer, fade better, are more moisturizing to the skin surface, and provide a more cosmetically pleasing color tone.

DHA-based Sunless Tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, the American Medical Association, the American and Canadian Dermatology Association as a safer alternative to sunbathing.

Remember, too, that a sunless "tan" is not really a suntan and affords no protection whatsoever against the skin damage the sun may cause.

**Information cited from Wikipedia 




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